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Dark Riders 1992-1993

Dark Riders Logo Open Mic Jam Night at the Blue Note - 1992

We played many of our favorite covers for a very lively audience. The Blue Note, which is no longer in business, was located in Oak Forest, Illinois.

Total running time: 30:21

Country Club Hills Summerfest - 1993

We had a chance to play a longer set in 1993 at a summerfest in our home town of Country Club Hills, Illinois. This is the point at which we had really began calling ourselves the Dark Riders, with silk-screened t-shirts and a very large banner on-stage behind the drumset.

Total running time: 59:11

Band members:

Don Delaney - Bass
Dave Garrison - Rhythm Guitar
Will Garrison - Drums
Mark Levi - Lead Guitar
Steve Ores - Vocals


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